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Make Sure Your "Dream Home" Is Just That

Get a residential inspection from All American Inspections in Flora, MS

Have you found the home of your dreams in the Flora, MS area? Although your potential home might look perfect from the outside, it could be riddled with structural issues. Build your future on a solid foundation by hiring All American Inspections to conduct your buyers or sellers home inspection.

Top 3 reasons to get your potential home inspected before you buy it

  1. You'll know if the price is right. The home you've been thinking about buying seems awfully cheap for what you're getting. Hire All American Inspections and we'll find out if there are any hidden issues.
  2. You'll be able to negotiate the price. If there is something seriously wrong with your potential home, you can use the inspection report to negotiate the home's price. Don't overpay for your home!
  3. You'll feel peace of mind. Just knowing that your new home is safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide, faulty foundation work or worse is reason enough to get your home inspected before you buy it.

Opening a business in Flora, Mississippi? Get your property inspected first

Business owners comprise the backbone of the American economy. Ensure your business will be successful for years to come by scheduling a commercial building inspection through All American Inspections, based in Flora, MS.

Protect your customers (and free yourself of liability) by getting a property inspection to ensure your prospective property is safe. If something happens to a customer while they're on your property, you could be held liable. Call us today at 601-260-2845 to get started.

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